What is a Lifetime Lawyer?

A Lifetime Lawyer is a member of the Association of Lifetime Lawyers. They are the gold standard when it comes to supporting vulnerable and older people with legal advice.

Lifetime Lawyers are experts in delivering the best outcomes for clients of all ages who are facing important life decisions, including those with complex needs and who may need extra support.

If you see the Accredited Lifetime Lawyer stamp, then you know you’re talking to a specialist who can give you the right advice and support at each stage of your lifetime.

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Our members can help you with:

  • Writing a will
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Tax planning
  • Trusts
  • Probate
  • Asset Preservation
  • Paying for care
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare
  • Court of protection
  • Abuse of older people
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Specialist in working with vulnerable and older people

In addition to expert legal knowledge, our members undertake a rigorous external accreditation proving their understanding of the key issues that can affect vulnerable and older people. This includes things like dementia, Parkinson’s and other degenerative diseases, as well as problems with hearing, sight, and mobility.

Lifetime Lawyers also receive specialist training when it comes to the care they provide. They offer extra empathy and attention, including understanding the signs of neglect and abuse and knowing how to spot them. Lifetime Lawyers consider things like when and where they speak to clients, ensuring they’re able to provide people the tailored support they need that aligns with their individual circumstances.


When is somebody vulnerable?

People can be vulnerable for a range of reasons and for a short or long period of time. It could be because we’re living with a disability, grieving a loved one, struggling with our physical or mental health, feeling lonely, or perhaps we might feel more vulnerable as we get older.

It’s often those times in life when we’re most vulnerable, that we need to seek legal advice.


“I volunteer in a hospice, providing legal services to people who are dying. I get to see some really good wills and powers of attorney, and some really bad ones – documents that would have devastating consequences for families. Cheap, quick wills and LPAs seem appealing. But it’s so important to get these things right. A specialist lawyer will do that for you.”

Justine Clowes, Board Director, The Association of Lifetime Lawyers.