Training day at Aston University

On 15th May, our chief legal officer, Kirsty Limacher, and I had the pleasure of attending a Wills, Probate, & Private Client training day at Aston University in Birmingham. This event was organised by Rebekah Marangon, a lecturer the LLB law programme who delivers a third-year optional module on Wills, Probate, & Private Client.

The day commenced with a brief introduction from Rebekah, welcoming us to the university. Following this, I outlined the mission and values of The Association of Lifetime Lawyers.  I spoke about the background to The Association, tracing our journey over nearly 30 years since SFE was founded in 1996, and highlighting our vision to be the go-to brand for older and vulnerable people seeking legal advice.  I explained the rationale for the rebrand and why “Solicitors for the Elderly” was no longer the right fit.  I also touched on what’s expected from the next generation of young people and lawyers, the benefits we offer to our members, and how we can help ensure “private client is sexy again”.

Kirsty then presented a segment introducing the students to "The Lifetime Lawyers Way" which is embedded in our Code of Practice.  This session focused on the importance of soft skills and enhanced client care, crucial elements that distinguish us as Lifetime Lawyers. Kirsty shared insights on how developing these skills can significantly impact client relationships and overall service quality, giving examples from her own personal experience along the way.

After a brief break, Kirsty continued with another session dedicated to the Lifetime Lawyers Student Programme. This programme aims to give aspiring lawyers an introduction to working with older and vulnerable clients, providing them with the guidance, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed in their legal careers. She discussed the various components of the programme and the benefits it offers to students.

In the afternoon, following a networking lunch, Samira Dar from the university's careers and placement team delivered a training session on networking. This session equipped the students with valuable strategies and techniques to effectively build and maintain professional relationships, an essential skill in the legal profession.  The students practiced their networking skills with us and connected with us on LinkedIn.

Overall, the training day was a resounding success. It was a wonderful opportunity to engage with future legal professionals and to share the ethos and initiatives of The Association of Lifetime Lawyers. Some of the students who attended the training day will be joining us at our National Conference later this month and I’m sure you’ll make them feel welcome and help them put some of their newly learned networking skills to good use.

(Author: Lakshmi Turner ATCL, chief executive officer)